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Michael Goldstein

A third-generation machine tool dealer and gear machinery expert, MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN has been known worldwide for over 45 years as a supplier of the highest quality gear manufacturing and gear testing equipment. Michael started traveling with his father to gear plants in about 1950. He worked at Steel Products Engineering (SPECO) in Springfield, Ohio in 1964, where they were making helicopter transmissions for Bell Helicopter, and where he was exposed to the complete gear manufacturing process. At SPECO, he worked with one of the first NC machines, a Sundstrand 5-axis 60-tool Omni-Mill, owned by the government at a cost of $1 million.

After working many summers and holidays in the shop--cleaning, painting and repairing gear equipment--in 1964, Michael joined his father full-time at Cadillac Machinery Co. Inc. He has seen and sold every generation and model of gear machine built or used anywhere in the world.

Michael and his father, Harold, helped Hermann Pfauter II locate and found American Pfauter Ltd., which started in Elk Grove, Illinois, about 1 km from Cadillac. American Pfauter grew from four employees to about 400 when it was sold to Gleason Works.

In addition, Michael worked and trained at Daldi and Matteucci Machine Tools (DEMM) in Milan and Porreeta Terme, Italy.


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